Oliver Borel

Computer vision software engineer currently working at oxa on perception and objection detection for autonomous vehicles.

I created a website to help robotics engineers convert data between transformation frames: Frame Changer .

I love working with robots and have worked on perception and computer vision solutions in multiple industries including AVs, military UAVs, film / broadcast robotic heads and academic rovers.

Find me on LinkedIn and GitHub, or download my CV with the icons below.


Programming Languages & Tools
Computer Vision
  • Data curation and management (fiftyone, gcp, aws)
  • Model training (pytorch, tensorflow)
  • Model deployment (onnx, c++ custom cuda kernels)
  • Graph optimization, camera calibration (g2o / ceres)
  • Visual odometry, stereo matching (openCV / pcl)

  • Control: PID, tuning, PX4
  • ROS / ROS 2
  • PCB design
  • Soldering and prototyping

  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Product Based Teams
  • Independent Research
  • Open Communication


Apart from developping robotic software, I enjoy FPV drone racing.

In the winter I like to snowboard, and in the summer I windsurf, wakeboard and surf.